Homework for Feb. 24

1. Digital First – What’s the mean?

Overall the idea of Digital First has the future of media in mind. Very few now read the paper, listen to the radio or even watch Television to obtain daily information throughout the day. A lot of what media has become is now web production. What majority of people seem frightened by is thinking this new approach to media will be web-only based, which is untrue. 

As a young communication major the affects of this new form of media will be minimal. I say that because we are already learning how to be a multi-skilled within all platforms of different media. Sure we will may have to learn a new process on how we design our paper’s website or our news show’s youtube account but that is an issue we will learn and conquer together with assistant not just from our professors but from one another.

The benefits I see are in the long run. I believe this type of media will become the main stream way of obtaining information in the future. We may not see great results right away but we live in a world powered by technology that is ever evolving and changing our way of life. For example, more and more we depend on our phones or tablets to obtain our media. In due time I believe this “Digital First” media will show its worth.   

As for problems there are still people who have not adapted with technology in the ways they receive their media. This may slow the charge of the digital first media but it will not stop it. Some people cannot be helped. For example my Poppop was born in the 1940’s and still reads the newspaper everyday. That will never change for him. Something like that is only a minor setback for digital first media because as I stated earlier the world and technology are ever evolving and we will continue to evolve with it.

2. Progress on Big Story

I have two people so far (possibly a third one on campus) that do not live on campus but I can interview them both on the good and bad of the situation. Both have had personal experience with divorce. As for research I am struggling a bit to find articles and more research on the topic of “Divorce and how it affects children.”

3. Major News Stories

  • Facbook is putting down 16 billion on an app called WhatsApp, a texting that app that makes little revenue only charging its members $1 per year after one year of it being free. This brings about the question of why so much? Instagram was only bought for 1 billion in 2012. This app has 450 million users which Facebook wants to acquire. Facebook also wants to attempt to use WhatsApp as a form of direct messaging for people who would prefer one on one communication. The article says that the price is being justified because of the WhatsApp’s startling growth. Whether this is a good or bad idea by Zuckerberg, Facebook is about to see some major upgrades in the near future. 
  • More on Syria, the U.N. has come about with a resolution to stop parties in Syria from blocking humanitarian aid. The Syrian crisis has resulted in 100,000 deaths and 6 million refugees. Although there is not an immediate punishment for those who disobey the U.N. secretary general will be submitting reports that will promise to take further steps against those who do not comply.
  • In the Ukraine the President is gone, leaving Parliament in control of the Government. Mr. Turchynov has been granted authority to carry out the duties as President. Besides that Parliament did not take any other measures to appoint any interim leaders.   

4. Loquitur Issue 18 Stories I tweeted about –

  • Ask Blue – First Time Flier?
  • Dixon Expansion
  • Can love conquer the distance?




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